Calling: A Fine Art Show with Christos Collective

Beginning in May we are excited to host a new 3-part fine art show in partnership with Christos Collective! Christos is a Denver-based non-profit that works to educate and empower Christians who are pursuing careers in the fine arts. The show will feature original works of art from Christos members.


The world in which we live is complicated and challenging. Contradictions to a Christian worldview unsettles an artist of Christian faith and provokes them to grapple with their convictions in life. Some resort to tradition, abstraction, some present concepts of deliberation, but all are basically seeking to express a calling to follow Jesus in a world full of joy and brokenness. This exhibition is open to all interpretations of this consideration and invites us to see the world as our Christian brothers and sisters see it.


Artists Panel

We invite you to join us immediately following the 2nd service - Christo's Collective will be sharing on the history of art in the church and what it looks like for todays artists to pursue their calling in the fine arts world. This talk will feature a behind the scenes look at how each artists goes about their process and what compels them to create. The artists in the show will be available for a Q&A in this time. Brunch will be provided.
WHEN: Sunday, June 9 from 12:00-1:30 pm
WHERE: Fellowship Denver Church - 1990 S Broadway, Denver, CO 80210



Email Adam Anglin, Pastor of Worship & Arts, with questions.