Edbrooke Collective

Edbrooke Collective is a band that helps lead Sunday morning gatherings for the church. The band is led by Adam Anglin, Fellowship’s Worship & Arts Director, and is comprised of various artists from week to week who all call Fellowship Denver home. Edbrooke Collective is a music project with an emphasis on revitalizing old hymns and writing original material that is gospel centered for the church. Their sound leans alt-country with violin and slide guitar coloring much of their songs.

Edbrooke Collective takes its name from Frank (1840-1921) and Harry (1873-1946) Edbrooke who were some of Denver’s most well known early architects. Frank designed the Brown Palace Hotel and The Denver Dry Goods Building while Harry, his nephew, is accredited for designing the Bluebird Theater. These buildings along with several other churches and houses throughout the Denver Metro area have cemented both Frank and Harry as pioneers to some of Denver’s most loved spaces. We have a great love and admiration for artists in Denver and we see using this name as a way to pay homage to the past and embrace the city of artists we love.

You can hear all of Edbrooke Collective’s music over at the Fellowship Denver Music Bandcamp site.