Fellowship Groups

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Fellowship Groups are medium-sized communities that meet weekly in homes throughout the city of Denver.

Fellowship Groups are in some ways very typical of other social gatherings in Denver. Yet, they are distinct communities in that they are founded and shaped by the Gospel of Jesus Christ. 

How often do they meet? 

They typically meet once a week for 2 hours. Groups meet consistently on monthly-cycles (Feb-April) (June-July) (Sept-Nov). Our groups take purposeful pauses so that newcomers can join and leaders and members can re-evaluate their commitment to the group.

What do groups do in addition to studying God's word?

In addition, our groups engage relationally and socially with each other and the city. Most of our groups enjoy meals together throughout the month, while also engaging our city through service and mission.

Why should I join a group?

In Fellowship Groups, we hope people learn what it means to fall in love with Jesus and live the life of a disciple. Our hope is that they create a space for all people - those who have an existing faith in Jesus, and those who are uncertain in what they believe. Joining a Fellowship Group is the primary way our church cultivates meaningful community, and this is one of the many ways we believe God transforms us as growing disciples. Whether you are new to Fellowship Denver or have been attending for years, we encourage you to experience the vibrancy of Christian community by joining a Fellowship Group.

How do I join a group?

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