Grant Beacon Middle School


Grant Beacon Middle School, a public school in the Platt Park neighborhood near the church, is committed to the high achievement and growth of every student. Through the collaborative work of students, staff, families and community partners, GBMS will bring together its neighborhoods’ diverse communities and prepare students with the academic knowledge and 21st century leadership skills necessary for college and career success.


Our church helps meet practical and relational needs for the students and families at Grant Beacon Middle School. You can volunteer by:

  1. Filling the school’s food pantry at the start of each semester. In January and August, we collect nonperishable foods and deliver them to the school. Look for the large blue bin in the Gallery to drop off food donations.
  2. Signing up to mentor a middle school student at GBMS through Save Our Youth, SOY provides training for new mentors and supports you along the way as you develop a friendship with your mentee. SOY asks for a one-year minimum commitment to provide stability. Learn more here!
  3. Volunteer with the after-school program WyldLife (YoungLife’s middle school program) that meets monthly at Fellowship Denver. Learn more here!


To learn more or sign-up to volunteer, contact Fellowship Denver’s Director of Student
Ministries, Michael Goldstein.