Core Track


The academic portion of the internship, called the "Core Track" is a 9-month classroom course and is required for completion of internship at Fellowship Denver. The Core Track class will meet weekly aside from fall, winter, and spring breaks which are built into the course schedule.


Introduction | Core Track Syllabus, Reading, and Assignments

Unit 1: The Vision and Mission of Fellowship Denver Church

The Local Church as Mission

Gospel-Centrality and FDC Major Doctrines


FDC Core Habits and Values

Unit 2: Leadership as Character Formation

Biblical Leadership as Sanctification

Spiritual Disciplines

Discerning Your Call

Church Staff as a Spiritual Community

Break | Interns attend Acts 29 US West Conference with FDC Staff​

Unit 3: Ecclesiology

Church Structure and Governance 

Break | Thanksgiving Break

Biblical Theology of Family

Sunday Liturgical Vision

Break | Christmas Break

Unit 4: Teaching and Preaching


​Interpretation and Contextualization

Developing a Teaching Outline


Unit 5: Justice and Mercy

Biblical Justice

Racial Reconciliation

Major Cultural Issues 

Unit 6: Mission

Gospel Ministry in a post-Christian Culture

Cultural Exegesis of Denver

The Holy Spirit and Mission

Break | Spring Break  

​Church Planting and Movement Dynamics

Theology of Work

Unit 7: Church Administration

Planning a Calendar

​Operations and Budgeting

Running Volunteer Teams and Meetings

Event Planning

Unit 8: Specific Topic or Discipline selected by the Ministry Supervisor

Individuals who are interested in or are pursuing vocational ministry may apply for enrollment in our Core Track without applying as an intern. For more information about participation or to apply, contact Autumn Gardner at