"A Collection of Random Thoughts on Parenting"

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Last month pastor Dave Morlan and his wife Renee encouraged dozens of Fellowship Denver parents with ten observations from 10+ years of parenting three sons that they called "A Collection of Random Thoughts on Parenting."

If you were not able to make it that night, or, if you are like me and could use a refresher, take a minute or two to look through the list below at what Dave and Renee shared that night. What is one observation that resonates with you and could make a difference in your parenting today?

Ten Observations on Parenting

  1. There is not one right way to parent! There are right ways (emphasis on the plural) but not one, single, right approach or method. Dave reminded us that Scripture contains few direct references to parenting. However, two consistent directives to parents in the Bible are to (1) teach our kids about God and (2) treat our kids like a gift.
  2. One of the best ways to prepare for parenthood is to take a marriage class. If you are married, your spouse is your teammate. Prioritize your wife or husband, too!
    • Practical suggestion: set up a babysitting swap with other parents so you can have regular time alone with your spouse.
  3. Lean into the people God put into your life. This includes non-Christians who serve your kids, such as teachers, doctors, coaches, therapists, etc. These individuals are our teammates, too, as we seek to raise our kids well.
  4. Establish rhythms that prioritize your values. You have a choice about what your life looks like as a family.
    • Practical suggestions: in the Morlan home, mornings and Friday nights are protected family time. Be willing to say “no” to extracurricular activities for your kids.
    • Try things that "buy" you time, like grocery delivery!
  5. Pray like crazy. Pray with others, too.
  6. Come to terms with trade-offs and accept limitations. Dave remarked, “You cannot do it all. You are a part of creation, not the Creator.” When we say yes to just a little bit too much our family often gets the short end of the strain on us or our time.
  7. Apologize and ask for forgiveness. Be willing to admit to our kids and/or spouse when we have sinned.
  8. Nurture your child’s soul. Share our faith with our children!
  9. Laugh a lot!
  10. Enjoy them. Imagine your kids’ time in your home as a jar of pennies, with each penny representing a day you have with your child. Each day you have one penny less. Savor the moments you have with your kids! 

Thanks so much for sharing, Dave and Renee. Your church family is so grateful for you and your family.

Note: If you would like to listen to Dave and Renee's talk, email autumn@fellowshipdenver.org to request the audio.

- Courtney