Continuation Sunday


On Sunday, May 19th, Fellowship Denver will be celebrating the accomplishments of our Elementary, Middle, and High School students as we invite them to “continue” to grow and learn as a part of our church family. Join us in congratulating our students on the completion of their school year, challenging them to ask God to guide their steps, and in walking alongside them as they take their next steps.

As of May 19th, incoming Kindergarteners, Second Graders, and Fourth Graders will be moving “up” a class in Fellowship Denver Kids. Incoming Sixth Graders will be welcomed into Student Fellowship; Fellowship will also celebrate with our very own class of 2023 as they finish out eighth grade and look toward high school!

A section of seating will be reserved specifically for our families with students in Elementary, Middle, and High School. All children Kindergarten through High School will be recognized and will participate in celebrations in their respective classes.

Note: Promotion from the Baby Class (Little Tweets) to the Toddler Class (Friendly Fish) and from the Toddler Class to the Preschool Class (Crazy Apes) takes place based on the child's age.

- Autumn