Easter for All of Us

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As parents who follow Jesus, we want our children to understand and embrace the gospel. We want them to know the joy of Jesus and choose to follow Him alongside us. Easter provides a wonderful opportunity to have intentional gospel-centered conversations with our kiddos as we explain and prepare for Easter.

How can we do this though? Here are a few ways:

  • Remind your own heart of the meaning of Easter. I am increasingly convinced that one of the best things we can do for our children is to tend our own souls with care. One very simple way to do that during this season is to pick up a copy of the 2019 Fellowship Denver Lent guide. It takes no more than a couple minutes a day to do the readings and the guide also offers suggestions for how to intentionally fast each week leading up to Easter. I’ve been so personally grateful for this resource this year!
  • Explain the basic truths of Easter to your littlest ones. Before our kiddos can understand what Easter means, they need to understand who Jesus is (God’s perfect Son) and what He did (died on the cross and rose again!). A good introduction to the Easter story, such as A Very Happy Easter, is a great place to start. It might also be helpful to differentiate between the Easter bunny if he visits your house (“he’s pretend!”), and Jesus (“he’s real!”).
  • Explain the meaning of Easter to your older ones. This includes Jesus’ identity and work, meaning we can seek to discuss:
    1. That Jesus is fully God and fully man, and without sin.
    2. That Christ died because of “our sins” (1 Corinthians 15:3), which we remember on Good Friday.
    3. That Easter is the celebration of Christ’s bodily resurrection from the dead, which secured forgiveness and eternal life for all who trust Him.

There are dozens of great resources for older kids that explain the meaning of Easter. A couple of our favorites are the Jesus Storybook Bible Easter Reading Plan and What’s in the Bible: The Meaning of Easter video. Each story in the Jesus Storybook Bible ends by pointing to Jesus as the true Hero and Rescuer of God’s people. A copy of this reading plan is available at the kids check-in at church. In our family, we love how the What’s in the Bible video succinctly explains the events of Easter and their significance.

If you’re looking for more Easter resources (books, as well as activities and more) for both your little ones and older kiddos, Risen Motherhood has assembled a great collection.

May this season be one of reflection and joy as we remember that Easter is for all of us!

- Courtney