Explore the Bible at Home - Week of April 22

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Dear Parents, Guardians, and Grandparents,

Israel finally stood at the edge of the promised land. Forty years of wandering in the wilderness was finished and now was the time to enter the land God had long ago promised to Abraham’s descendants. First, Israel must find a way to cross the Jordan River. A generation before, God had parted the Red Sea to provide freedom for His people. Now God parted the flooded Jordan River for a new generation who had not lived during the time of the plagues and Red Sea. His people crossed to their inheritance on dry ground. Invite your family to discuss times you need to remember that God is with you, when you are facing your own "Jordan River." Missed this week's Explore the Bible at Home handout?  No worries!  You can find it here.

Bible Passage: Joshua 3–4

Memory Verse: Joshua 1:9b

Older Kids Text Truth: We can have courage because God is always with us.

Younger Kids Text Truth: God is always with us.

The Israelites Crossed the Jordan

Joshua 3–4

After Moses died, God chose Joshua to lead His people into the promised land. It was a big job, but God promised to be with Joshua and to help him.

Joshua gathered all of the people at the edge of the Jordan River. Joshua told the people to get ready to follow the ark of the covenant. He told the priests to carry the ark of the covenant ahead of the people.

Then the Lord spoke to Joshua, “Tell the priests to carry the ark of the covenant to the Jordan River. At the river, they should stand in the water.”

This was the time of the year that the Jordan River was full of water. It had so much water that it overflowed and spilled out over the edges.

Joshua prepared the people with special instructions. He picked one man from every tribe of Israel.

Joshua said, “When the feet of the priests carrying the ark enter the Jordan River, the water will stop and stand up in a mass.”

And that is what happened. While the priests stood on dry ground in the middle of the riverbed, all of the Israelites crossed on dry ground to the other side of the river.

After they all crossed, Joshua sent the 12 men to each get a stone from the middle of the riverbed. Joshua called to the priests, “Come up from the Jordan.” As soon as the priests were on solid ground, the waters of the Jordan flowed again like normal.

Joshua stacked the stones together and made a memorial. The stones were a reminder of how God stopped the Jordan River so His people could walk into the land He had promised them so long ago.


- Autumn