Explore the Bible at Home - Week of April 29

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Dear Parents, Guardians & Grandparents,

Consider the scene: a city with thick walls and locked gates plus a set of battle plans that mainly consisted of silently walking. Most of us couldn’t even imagine what God had in store for the Israelites when they marched around Jericho. All Israel knew was that God promised to give them the victory. They needed only to obey Him. Obedience is a sign of trust. When we don’t understand what is going on or why, yet we obey anyway, we demonstrate that we trust our leaders in that situation. Discuss some times your family has needed to trust God and obey Him, even when things didn't seem to make sense. Find this week's "Explore the Bible at Home" handout here!

Bible Passage: Joshua 2; 6

Memory Verse: Psalm 28:8a

Older Kids Text Truth: When we truly trust God, we obey God completely.

Younger Kids Text Truth: We should trust and obey God.

Jericho Was Conquered

Joshua 2 & 6

God had promised His people the land of Canaan, but other people already lived in the land. The people who lived in Canaan didn't know the one true God; they worshipped false gods.

The people of Israel prepared to battle the city of Jericho which sat near the Jordan River at the entrance to the land of Canaan. Joshua sent two spies to Jericho. A woman named Rahab hid the spies and protected them from being found. The men promised Rahab that she and everyone in her house would be saved if she tied a scarlet cord to her window.

Rahab helped the men escape the city and tied the scarlet cord to her window. The spies hurried back to Joshua and reported that God would give them the victory.

Jericho was a strong city with a big wall. No one was entering the city or leaving the city because they were scared of the Israelites. God told Joshua, “March around the city one time for six days. On the seventh day, march around the city seven times. The priests will blow their trumpets and the people will shout. Then the wall will collapse.”

Joshua summoned the people. The soldiers lined up. Seven priests with seven trumpets stood behind the soldiers. More priests followed them, carrying the ark of the covenant. Joshua told the people not to say a word until he said, “Shout!” They marched around the city once and returned to camp. The next day they did the same thing. They marched around the city once and returned to camp. On the third day, fourth day, fifth day, and sixth day, they marched around the city once and returned to camp.

Finally, the seventh day arrived. At dawn, they began to march. Once around the city. Twice around the city. They marched around the city seven times. After the seventh time, the priests blew the trumpets and this time Joshua yelled, “Shout! God has given you the city.” The people shouted, the trumpets blew, and the walls of Jericho fell down.

Joshua sent the two spies to Rahab’s house and rescued all of the people in her home. From then on, Rahab lived with the Israelites. God had helped the Israelites defeat the powerful, fortified city of Jericho.

- Autumn