Explore the Bible at Home - Week of December 10

Advent art

Explore the Bible at home this week!

On Sundays throughout the month of December our Fellowship Denver Kids classes will be learning about the birth of Jesus and the meaning of Advent, when we look back to Jesus' birth and forward to His second coming.  

Our short Advent observance this week for the second Sunday of Advent focused on "Preparation." Use the guide below to continue talking about Advent at home this week!


Q: What does “Advent” mean?

A: Advent means “coming.”

Q: What do we celebrate during Advent?

A: During Advent, we look back to Jesus’ first coming—when God quietly sent His baby Son to begin the Great Rescue.  And we look forward to Jesus’ second coming—when He will return with a shout to finish His Great Rescue and put a final end to the curse and ache of sin.

Review from Week One

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Advent Week Two: Preparation

Q: What is “preparation?"

A: Preparation means “the act of preparing," and prepare means "to get ready for something to happen."

Scripture reading: Luke 2:1-7

God had told his people through the Prophets and through John the Baptist that the Messiah was coming.  But when Jesus was born, the innkeeper was not looking, watching, and waiting for the fulfillment of God's promise.  

Scripture reading: Luke 12:35-37a, 40

We know that Jesus is coming back, but we don’t know when.  We must prepare our hearts for Jesus’ return!

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- Autumn