Explore the Bible at Home - Week of February 10

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Dear Parents,

Today kids began a two-lesson study of the life of Joseph. Joseph was favored by his father but hated by his brothers. Discouraging event after discouraging event unfairly happened to Joseph, and then he found himself thrown in prison unjustly! Yet that is where we read one powerful verse, “but the Lord was with Joseph and extended kindness to him” (Genesis 39:21). Even in our toughest times, even during our times of suffering, our Lord is with us. Spend some time this week praying for each member of your family to know that God is always with them. Don’t forget to check out this week’s Family Card.


Younger Kids Text Truth: God is with us in tough times.

Older Kids Text Truth: God is always with us, even when we suffer.

Joseph Sent to Egypt, Genesis 37:1-36; 41

Jacob had 12 sons, but Jacob loved one of the sons, Joseph, more than he loved the other sons. Jacob made Joseph a special robe of many colors to show his love for Joseph. But Joseph’s brothers were upset. They knew that Jacob loved Joseph more than he loved them, so they hated Joseph.

One day Joseph had a dream. He told his brothers, “In my dream, we were gathering our sheaves of grain in the field. Suddenly my sheaf stood up. Your sheaves gathered around it and bowed down.” When Joseph’s brothers heard this, they hated Joseph more. They said, “Do you really think you will rule over us one day?”

Joseph had another dream that the sun, moon, and stars bowed down before him. This dream made the brothers more jealous of Joseph.

Now Jacob sent Joseph to see if the brothers were doing a good job watching the flocks. Joseph’s brothers saw him coming. They made a plan. They wanted to throw Joseph down in a pit. One of the brothers, Reuben, told the other brothers not to kill Joseph. “Let’s throw him in the pit but not hurt him.” Reuben planned to come back later and rescue Joseph.

The brothers grabbed Joseph. They stole his special coat and tossed him into the pit. As the brothers sat and ate, a group of traders came by. Judah suggested they sell Joseph. The traders took Joseph to Egypt and the brothers let their father think that Joseph was dead.

In Egypt, Joseph worked. One day someone told a lie about Joseph and Joseph was thrown in prison. God was with Joseph and took care of Joseph, even when Joseph was in prison.

One night, the pharaoh of Egypt had a dream. In his dream 7 skinny cows ate 7 fat cows. Then he had another dream that 7 skinny heads of grain ate 7 fat heads of grain. Pharaoh heard that Joseph could tell him what the dreams meant. God helped Joseph explain the dreams. The dreams were a warning that a famine was coming. Pharaoh put Joseph in charge of preparing for the famine. God was with Joseph.

Joseph was now the second in command in Egypt. For seven years, Joseph helped the people save and store food for the famine.