Explore the Bible at Home | Week of January 12

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Dear Parents, Grandparents & Guardians,

This week our Toddler, Preschool, and Elementary students learned a story from the book of Isaiah in which God miraculously answered Hezekiah's prayer and saved his people. The Assyrians had conquered the Northern Kingdom and now they were focused on conquering the Southern Kingdom of Judah. Sennacherib, King of Assyria, taunted King Hezekiah and the Israelites by claiming their trust in God was useless. King Hezekiah read Sennacherib’s letter and immediately went to the temple to pray. God heard Hezekiah’s prayer and answered him. Assyria would leave the land of Judah in defeat. When we don't know what to do, we can ask God for help. Check out this week’s discussion questions and follow along with our lesson via this week's Explore the Bible at Home Guide.


Toddler & Preschool Text Truth: Ask God to help.

Younger Elementary Text Truth: When we are afraid, we can pray to God for help.

Older Elementary Text Truth: When we don't know what to do, we can ask God for help.

Hezekiah, Isaiah 36–37

After King Solomon died, the nation of Israel split into two kingdoms. The Northern Kingdom rejected God and was conquered by the Assyrians.

Soon the Southern Kingdom was in trouble. The Assyrians wanted to conquer the Southern Kingdom like they had conquered the Northern Kingdom. Assyria sent a message to Judah, “Don’t let Hezekiah fool you. He cannot save you. Don’t let your king convince you to trust in the Lord. Don’t listen to Hezekiah. Hezekiah is lying to you when he says that the Lord will rescue you.”

The king’s helpers were so upset by the message that they tore their clothes. When King Hezekiah heard the message, he tore his clothes. Hezekiah went to the temple. He sent messengers to the prophet Isaiah to ask Isaiah to pray for the nation. Isaiah sent back a message to Hezekiah, “The Lord says to not be afraid. The enemy will return home and die there.”

King Sennacherib (suh NAK uh rib) of Assyria sent a letter to Hezekiah. “Don’t let your God, whom you trust, deceive you by promises that Jerusalem will be safe. Look at what we have done to all the other countries. They are completely destroyed.”

When King Hezekiah received the letter, he took it to the temple. Hezekiah prayed to God, “You are God alone. You made the heavens and the earth. Hear the words of Assyria that deny You, the living God. God, please save us so that all the kingdoms will know that You are the Lord—You alone.”

God heard Hezekiah’s prayer and sent the prophet Isaiah with a message. Isaiah said, “This is what God said about the king of Assyria: ‘He will not enter Jerusalem. He will return home. I will defend this city and rescue it.’”

The Lord sent His angel to the Assyrian camp. The next morning, when the people awoke, they found many of the other people were dead! Sennacherib returned home.

God heard Hezekiah’s prayer and answered him. God protected Jerusalem.

- Autumn