Explore the Bible at Home - Week of January 28

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Dear Parents,                                               

At the beginning of Saul's reign over Israel his heart was inclined toward God and he followed God's commands. After settling in and experiencing the power of his position Saul began to believe that he could follow his own path rather than obeying God. Sadly, God rejected Saul as king. God would pick a new king who would seek after Him. Samuel, the prophet, followed God's direction to travel to the town of Bethlehem. God instructed him to seek out a leader in the town by the name of Jesse who had eight sons. Contrary to cultural assumptions, God selected David, the youngest son with the least importance in the family lineage to be Israel’s next king. God told Samuel that, although people tend to judge each other based on external appearance or observable characteristics, God sees our hearts and knows whether the desire of our heart is to follow after Him.  Talk with your family about what makes a good leader. 

Bible Passage: 1 Samuel 16:1-13

Memory Verse: 1 Samuel 16:7b

Younger Kids Text Truth: God knows our hearts.

Older Kids Text Truth: God knows our hearts and He wants us to seek Him. 

David was anointed, 1 Samuel 16:1-13

One day, God told Samuel to go see Jesse from the town of Bethlehem. One of Jesse’s sons would be the next king of Israel.

Samuel traveled to Bethlehem and met Jesse and his sons. The oldest son was named Eliab. Samuel thought, “He must be the one God has chosen to be king.

The Lord told Samuel, “Do not look at his appearance. He is not the one I have chosen. People can only see what is visible, but the Lord sees the heart of everyone.

So Jesse called his next son, Abinadab, but God had not chosen Abinadab.

Then Jesse introduced Shammah to Samuel, but God had not chosen Shammah either. Jesse called seven of his sons to meet Samuel, but none of the sons was the one that God had chosen.

“Are these all of your sons?” Samuel asked Jesse.

Jesse answered, “My youngest son is watching the sheep.

Samuel told Jesse to send someone to get his son. David appeared and God told Samuel that David was the one. Samuel anointed David. David would be the next king of Israel.