Explore the Bible at Home - Week of May 13

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Parent, Guardians, Grandparents,

On Sunday, May 13th, your kids studied Joshua’s final words to the nation of Israel. Joshua knew that Israel would flourish only if they obeyed God and kept their covenant promises. He reminded the people of all God had done for them in the past and gave them a choice. The people could renew their covenant with God or they could choose to worship the false gods of the surrounding nations. Israel renewed their covenant and Joshua established a memorial to help the people teach their children about this special day and covenant. As a parent it is easy to get caught in the day-to-day and forget to point out all that God has provided. Take a moment as a family to reflect on God’s goodness to your family. Don’t forget to check out this week's Explore the Bible at Home sheet!

Memory Verse: Joshua 24:24

Older Kids Text Truth: We should be completely devoted to God.

Younger Kids Text Truth: We should love God more than anyone or anything else.

 Joshua’s Final Instructions, Joshua 24:1-28

Joshua’s time of leading the Israelites was coming to an end. Joshua called all of the people together. Joshua had a message from God for the people. Joshua began to remind the people of all the ways God had faithfully cared and provided for them. He began by saying, “Long ago, God chose Abraham and led him to the land of Canaan. God gave Abraham children and grandchildren. Jacob and his sons later traveled to Egypt.”

Eventually the people had become slaves. So God sent Moses and Aaron to rescue His people. God sent plagues on Egypt until Pharaoh agreed to let the people go. Then God parted the Red Sea so the people could walk across on dry land. God protected the people from Pharaoh’s army. The Israelites lived in the wilderness for many, many years.

Joshua continued the story, “Later, God brought you to the promised land. The Amorites fought you, but God helped you defeat them. A man named Balaam tried to curse you. But God protected you and Balaam blessed you instead. When you crossed the Jordan River, you came to Jericho.”

Now Jericho had been a large city with a huge wall around it. Joshua shared God’s message, “The people of Jericho and many other peoples fought against you, but God helped you defeat them. God told the people, “I gave you a land that you did not work to get. I gave you cities that you did not build. You are eating from plants that you did not plant. Therefore, worship only the Lord.” God told the people to get rid of any idols and worship only Him—the one true God.

Then Joshua said, “Choose today whom you will worship. Will you worship the false gods? My house will worship the Lord.”

The people all agreed to worship only God. “We will worship the Lord, because He is our God.”

Joshua warned the people that God is a holy and jealous God.  He cannot allow His people to worship anything other than Him. The people again agreed to worship only God. The people made a covenant with God and Joshua wrote it down. He also set up a large stone under an oak tree next to the tabernacle to remind the people of their promise.


- Autumn