Explore the Bible at Home - Week of May 6

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Parents, Guardians, Grandparents,

This Sunday, May 6th, your kids studied one of the most powerful examples of answered prayer in the Bible. Joshua was faced with a battle—a battle that Israel was involved in because of their own foolish mistakes. But God was with His people and promised to provide for them. In the middle of the battle, Joshua prayed and asked God for a miracle. God answered and Israel was able to win the battle. Our daily lives may not seem as dramatic as Joshua’s battle, but God is just as present with His people today. He hears our prayers and He answers them. God will always answer our prayers in a way that is ultimately for our good and brings glory to His name. Set aside time to pray together as a family throughout the week. Missed this week's Explore the Bible Handout?  You can find it here!

Bible Passage: Joshua 10:1-14

Memory Verse: Psalm 62:8

Older Kids Text Truth: God answers the prayers of His people in the way that is best for them.

Younger Kids Text Truth: God answers the prayers of His people.

Joshua Prayed for Help

Joshua 10:1-14

Joshua and the Israelites defeated the people at Jericho by following God’s instructions. When the people of Gibeon heard what happened at Jericho, they came up with a plan to trick the Israelites. They lied to Joshua about where they were from. Joshua believed them and agreed to make a treaty with the people of Gibeon.

Later, the king of Jerusalem heard about the treaty the Israelites made with the people of Gibeon. He was worried. Gibeon was a large city with warriors. So the king of Jerusalem sent word to the kings of Hebron, Jarmuth, Lachish, and Eglon. The five kings agreed to unite in order to attack Gibeon.

When the armies of the five kings attacked Gibeon, the men of Gibeon sent a message to Joshua asking for help. Joshua and the Israelite army traveled to Gilgal.

God gave Joshua a special message, “Do not be afraid. I will give you the victory.”

Joshua and his men marched all night from Gilgal and surprised the armies of the five kings. The Lord caused the men in the other armies to be confused and Israel defeated them. Then as the other armies tried to flee, God sent hail to stop them.

On that day, Joshua prayed to God, “Please let the sun and the moon stand still.” And that is what happened. God heard Joshua’s prayer and miraculously answered it. God fought for the Israelites: He was present with his people, and He powerfully provided for them.  

- Autumn