Explore the Bible at Home - Week of November 12

Explore T Bible

Explore the Bible at home this week!

Dear Parents,                                                

Today we began a study of the Book of Acts. Acts records the history of the early church. In today’s Bible story, boys and girls heard about how God empowered His people with the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit enabled the people to share the gospel message with many, and about 3,000 people believed in Jesus as their Lord and Savior. Kids learned that the Holy Spirit is also helping them share the gospel with others. As a family, take time to think about family members, friends, or neighbors that need to hear the message of Jesus. How can your family reach out and build relationships with some of the people named? Read along throughout the week using this week's Explore the Bible at Home Guide!

Bible Passage: Acts 1:4-8; 2:1-42

Memory Verse: Acts 2:36b

Younger Kids Text Truth: The Holy Spirit helps us tell others about Jesus.

Older Kids Text Truth: The Holy Spirit empowers us to share the gospel with everyone.


- Autumn