Explore the Bible at Home - Week of November 19

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Explore the Bible at home this week!

Dear Parents,                                                

In today’s Bible story, Peter and John were stopped on their way to the temple to pray. A lame man asked for help, and the help he received was miraculous. As the man leapt, walked, and praised God, people gathered around surprised. Peter quickly began to share the message of Jesus Christ. The message of Jesus was true then and it is true today. As a family, discuss what the word repent means (to turn from disobeying God to obeying God). Invite members of your family to share about when they repented of their sin and trusted in Jesus as their Lord and Savior. Allow your family to ask any questions they have about repenting and trusting Jesus.  Continue the conversation throughout the week using this week's Explore the Bible at Home Guide!

Bible Passage: Acts 3:1-20

Memory Verse: Acts 3:26

Preschool Text Truth: God sent Jesus to help people.

Younger Kids Text Truth: God calls us to repent of our sin.

Older Kids Text Truth: The people had rejected Jesus, the Messiah, but God wanted His people to repent and follow Jesus.


- Autumn