Explore the Bible at Home - Week of November 4

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Dear Parents, Grandparents, and Guardians,

Yesterday our Fellowship Denver Kids finished our study of the Book of 2 Corinthians. One of the many topics Paul wrote about in this letter to the Corinthian church is sacrificial giving. The churches in Philippi, Macedonia, and Thessalonica had all given sacrificially to support the believers in the church of Jerusalem. Paul challenged the church of Corinth to also be sacrificial givers. But Paul did not want the church to give begrudgingly. Paul reminded the believers that Christ had given sacrificially and part of our growth as believers is to do likewise. Is there a current need in your church community or neighborhood that your family can help meet? Follow along with the "Explore the Bible at Home" content this week!

Younger Kids Text Truth: God wants us to give cheerfully to help those in need.

Older Kids Text Truth: Jesus gave the ultimate sacrifice. We can give sacrificially to help those in need.

God's People Should Give Joyfully, 2 Corinthians 8–9

Paul wanted to encourage the Corinthians. He wrote them letters to teach them more about Jesus and how to love and obey God. Paul wrote to the Corinthians to encourage them to continue giving as God guided them to give. Paul gave them an example. The churches in the Macedonia area faced a very difficult time. The churches did not have a lot of money and things, but they had a lot of joy. Their joy caused them to be generous and give to help others. They gave what they could give, and then they gave more!

Paul didn't simply order the Corinthians to give. Instead he wanted them to understand that because Jesus had given so much for them, they too could give as a response to all that they had received.

Paul wrote, “Each person should give based on what God tells them in their heart to give. No one should give reluctantly. God loves someone who gives cheerfully. Remember, God is able to provide everything you need.”

Paul knew that God had given the most important gift—His Son, Jesus. Paul praised God for giving us Jesus, “Thanks to God for His indescribable gift.”

- Autumn