Explore the Bible at Home - Week of Oct 22

ETB at Home

October 22 - 28

Dear Parents:

Creation was good. It pleased God. God gave Adam and Eve one rule to obey in the garden of Eden. After a brief encounter with the serpent, Adam and Eve disobeyed God. Since then our world has been broken by sin. The earth is a chore to work. Thorns and thistles grow and bring harm. Sin always has a price. Our relationship with our Creator is broken by sin. Thankfully, God had a plan. Jesus came to rescue people from their sin. This week review with your family the gospel. Read along with us this week using the Explore the Bible at Home guide!

Summary from Sunday, October 22:

Bible Passage: Genesis 3

Memory Verse: Deuteronomy 11:1

Younger Kids Text Truth: Sin has a price.

Older Kids Text Truth: The consequence of sin is that our world and our relationship with God are broken.