Explore the Bible at Home - Week of Oct 29

Explore The Bible

Explore the Bible at Home this week!

Dear Parents:

One of the most amazing examples of faith in the Bible is Noah. God told Noah the world would flood, and to build a boat. Noah did exactly what God told him. Can you imagine that amount of faith? Noah had never seen it rain. Noah couldn’t look up “flood” on the Internet for more details about how to prepare. Noah’s faith in God led him to obey God. Do you obey God? Even when you aren’t sure what is happening? Invite your family to name times when they struggle to obey God. Pray for each family member to have faith in God and obey His Word. Discuss how God provided for Noah and his family. Read along throughout the week using this week's Explore the Bible at Home Guide!

Bible Passage: Genesis 6:5–9:17

Memory Verse: Genesis 9:16

Younger Kids Text Truth: God keeps His promises.

Older Kids Text Truth: God made a covenant with Noah, and God always keeps His covenants.


~ Autumn