Explore the Bible at Home - Week of September 23

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Dear Parents, Guardians, and Grandparents,

The New Testament tells us that the message of Jesus may be divisive; hearing the message of the gospel will sometimes anger people. This is what Paul and Silas encountered after Paul healed a demon-possessed girl in Philippi. After she was freed from the spirit her owners could no longer use her for deception and greed, and they became angry. While in prison, Paul and Silas had a choice to make. They could feel sorry for themselves. They could whine and complain. Or they could trust God and continue to praise God. While bound in stocks Paul and Silas sang and prayed to God. A miracle occurred - their jailer heard and believed the gospel. Think about the difficult times your family may face. How can you choose to trust and praise God during difficult times? Follow along with this week's Explore the Bible at Home sheet!

Paul and Silas Praised God

Acts 16:16-38

Younger Kids Text Truth: Trust God during difficult times.

Older Kids Text Truth: Be faithful to God even during difficult times.

Paul and Silas taught people about Jesus. One day, Paul healed a girl who was possessed by a spirit that enabled her to see the future. Some men exploited her ability and used her to make money for them. After Paul freed the girl from the spirit the men she worked for became very upset. They could no longer make the girl earn money for them.

The men dragged Paul and Silas to the authorities. Paul and Silas were beaten and put in jail. The jailer was told to guard them well. The jailer put the men’s feet in stocks. Stocks were frames, probably made of wood, that held the feet and hands of prisoners.

In the middle of the night, as Paul and Silas sang and prayed to God, the other prisoners listened. Suddenly there was an earthquake and the whole jail shook. All the doors opened. When the jailer saw the open doors, he was afraid. He knew he would be in trouble if the prisoners escaped.

Paul told the jailer that every prisoner was still there. The jailer ran to see Paul and Silas. Paul and Silas told the jailer about Jesus. Everyone in the jailer’s house heard and believed the truth about Jesus. The jailer served Paul and Silas a meal and washed their wounds. The people were happy because they believed God. The next day, Paul and Silas were released from jail.

- Autumn