Explore the Bible With Us


CFM Weekly Kids Corner

Sunday, October 15 | Fellowship Denver Kids Classes

All Classroom needs for this Sunday are covered!

Thank you to all of our volunteers for your willingness to share Jesus' love with our students week after week through both word and action.  We appreciate you!


Explore the Bible

This Sunday, October 15our Fellowship Denver Kids classes will begin utilizing a new curriculum called Explore the Bible. The curriculum begins with a study of the Book of Genesis. Creation is beautiful and wonderful. Our Creator knew exactly how our world needed to be designed to sustain life. Every little detail was a part of His marvelous plan. Next week, take a walk or drive with your family. Discuss the things you see in God’s creation. Invite members of your family to praise God as Creator. At the end of class you'll receive a card that contains discussion questions for you to use in conversation at home this week. 

Bible Passage: Genesis 1–2

Memory Verse: Genesis 1:1

Preschoolers Text Truth: God made everything.

Younger Kids Text Truth: God created everything and rules over it.

Older Kids Text Truth: God is the author and ruler of creation.

I'm excited about our new curriculum and hope that it will allow us to dive deep into God's Word, bring the Bible to life, and encourage all of us to live what we learn everyday.


- Autumn