Fellowship Denver Kids Summer Quarter Content

Kid's Camp 2015_06

Summer Quarter Lesson Overview

On Good Friday, one of our Crazy Apes teachers related the story of the death of Jesus to our four and five year old students.  As she recounted how Jesus had been convicted, tried, and placed on the cross, she read this excerpt written by Sally Lloyd-Jones, "Jesus could have just climbed down . . . . But Jesus stayed.  You see, . . . it wasn't the nails that kept Jesus there.  It was love."

A few moments later as the teacher was asking questions a little girl suddently stood from the circle, approached the teacher, leaned forward, and shouted, "IT WASN'T THE NAILS, IT WAS LOVE THAT KEPT HIM THERE."  Although picturing this scene is amusing, I'm so thankful that this - lovingly communicating truth in word and action - is what our teachers do week after week.  

This summer the Toddler through Elementary classes will be learning about individuals in the Bible who God used to bring about his plans for his people.  Some of the individuals followed God and were a willing part of his plan; others were not!  We'll also be considering how God has created each of us and gifted us uniquely.  He lovingly gives us a choice as to whether or not we'll follow him to use our unique gifts to bring about his plans for his people in Denver.  

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