Helping Children "Come and See" Jesus

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Helping Children “Come and See” Jesus

As a church body, we have spent the last number of weeks contemplating the opportunity to “come and see” Jesus in the Gospel of John. Personally, I have begun to pray for my daughter that she would “see” Jesus in all His compelling goodness.

As we seek to be intentional in helping our children “see” Jesus in this season, here are three aspects of His person and work we can focus on, as well as some resources to help you discuss each of them with your family:


One: Jesus is the Son of God.

Discussing Jesus’ identity with our kiddos answers the question “Who is Jesus, after all?” It can be easy to overlook this most basic question with our children.

One great way to introduce Jesus to children is through the signs, or miracles, that He did during His earthly ministry. Our children know that Mom or Dad can’t stop a storm, make sick people better with a word, or magically turn one box of Chick-fil-a waffle fries into 500. But Jesus DID do all these things (with fish and loaves instead of waffle fries, of course).

            Check out: The Jesus Storybook Bible pages 236-249 for two great retellings of Jesus’ miracles.


Two: Jesus Died on the Cross and Rose from the Dead.

Our kids need to know not only who Jesus is, but also what He has done—and what it means for their lives.

            Check out: This 11 min, 30 sec video on Easter from “What’s in the Bible.” It beautifully tells both what happened to Jesus - he was nailed to a cross and rose from the tomb - AND explains what He accomplished through His death and resurrection. This video has been a favorite at our house for several years!


Three: Someday Jesus Will Return to Redeem His Creation and All Who Trust in Him.

As humans, we are hope-oriented creatures. Without even thinking, we teach our children this from their earliest years (“Three more sleeps ‘til your birthday! Or, “Five more days until Nana comes to visit!").

The Christian faith is a future-oriented one. The Bible tells us that someday God will restore heaven and earth and dwell again with all who have trusted Him. I confess that I am much better at discussing the first two truths about Jesus than I am this one. But how much our children need to know this blessed hope!

            Check out: Read Revelation 21:4 together. Talk about times your children have cried or experienced pain. The wonderful news of the Gospel is that because of who Jesus is and what He has done, these things will be GONE someday. Hallelujah! You might also want to check out The Jesus Storybook Bible pages 342-351.

- Courtney Harris