Resource of the Month


The resource of the month is designed to weave together our Fellowship Denver Kids class content, our corporate Church Family, and individual family units so that we all, together, can experience gospel renewal.

This month our Fellowship Denver Kids are:

LEARNING - Explore the Bible lessons from the prophets Isaiah and Micah

MEMORIZINGYour word I have hidden in my heart, that I might not sin against You. Psalm 119:11

SINGING - The Books of the Bible song (OT) & (NT)

READING - During January we are highlighting various Bible story books and Bibles (for kids) along with the book 66 Books One Story (for families)


About 66 Books One Story: If you've read the Bible, you probably know some of the important battles, a good chunk of the life of Jesus, maybe a Psalm or two - but what do you know about the minor prophets and the epistles? A book like this can help build an important foundation of Biblical knowledge and understanding for a whole family, parents and students alike.

The Bible has one author - God - so we need to see the Bible as a whole, as God's Word. Every book of the Bible is the breath of God and the plan of Salvation spans all of Scripture. In this Bible overview each book of the Bible is summarised, background information is provided, and themes and theology are explained.

The Book of the Month, along with many other resources, is available on the bookshelf behind the Kids Check-in Counter, for a suggested donation of $10.