Learning to Pray

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CFM Weekly Kids' Corner

Sunday, October 8 | Fellowship Denver Kids Classes

We are looking for two folks willing to serve this Sunday in our 9:00 am Toddler Classroom as Classroom Assistants.  If you're able to serve our church family by caring for our littlest members this week, email me at autumn@fellowshipdenver.org.

Learning to Pray

As Luke 11 opens, we see Jesus praying in the presence of His disciples.  The disciples then ask Jesus to "teach them to pray."  Growing a relationship with God - our Father, King, and Savior - requires effort on our part, just as all human relationships require effort.  We must learn to listen to God, to recognize His voice, and to respond to Him in prayer.  

Our Go. Grow. SHARE! curriculum was designed to help us, teachers and students alike, talk to God.  Each week in our Fellowship Denver Kids Classes we have followed a pattern of prayer based on the ACTS acronym: Adoration, Confession, Thanksgiving, Supplication.  

  1. WOW! God you are amazing because you are _____________________.
  2. SORRY. Sin separates us from you.  Please forgive me for ___________________ and heal my heart from this sin.  Thank you that Jesus died so that ALL of my sin could already be forgiven.
  3. THANKS! You give the world so many good gifts.  Thank you for ______________.
  4. PLEASE. God, will you please ____________________.

In the past few weeks as I've processed current events with my 10 and 6 year old, we've grieved together over the devastation caused by hurricanes, the huge loss of life due to earthquakes in Mexico, and the unfathomable events in Las Vegas.  As we pray for all whose lives have been upended, our "pattern of prayer" has reminded us that God cares deeply about each of us.  We live in a world broken by sin, but our God is faithful and unchanged.  We can cry out to a God who hears us and understands our pain (Heb 4:14-16).

This Sunday, October 8th, we'll have copies of our "pattern of prayer" available in the Kids' Area for you to take and use at home.


- Autumn

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