New! Class Divisions

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N - E - W Fellowship Denver Kids Class Divisions

Friends, for some time the Children and Family Ministries Leadership Team has prayed and planned toward new age divisions for our younger three Fellowship Denver Kids Classes.  Our hope has been that in doing so we can provide greater opportunity for targeted age-appropriate teaching and activities that will better serve our growing number of students and their families.  Our upcoming move into our new HOME provides both a transition point and a facility structure that will support this classroom shift.  And so, as soon as we begin holding services in our new space, the age groups for our younger three classrooms will change as detailed below.

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For some of our students who have recently moved into the Friendly Fish or Crazy Apes, this change may require going "back" to their previous class.  If your student is within three months of the age range for the class they may remain in that classroom.  For instance, if your child is now one but will turn two by the end of March 2018, he or she may stay in the Friendly Fish given the new "2's & 3's" age designation.  If your child will turn four by the end of March he or she may stay in the Crazy Apes given the new "4's & 5's" age designation and does not need to attend the "2's & 3's" class. 

The three Elementary classrooms will be unaffected by the new age divisions.

I welcome your comments, questions, and input!  


- Autumn