Prepare Him Room Advent Resources



Advent is a time of waiting, hope, and anticipation. During Advent, we look backward to Jesus’ first coming—when God quietly sent His baby Son to begin the Great Rescue of his world.  And we look forward to Jesus’ second coming—when He will return with a shout to finish His Great Rescue and put a final end to the curse and ache of sin.

Each year we, as a church family, observe the season of Advent in our gathered spaces through preaching and teaching that embodies the weighty themes of Advent in a joy-filled, hopeful way. We sing songs that rejoice in Jesus' birth and the fullness of God's presence.  In Fellowship Denver Kids we set aside our rest-of-the-year curriculum plan for four weeks to consider these same truths and themes in our children's classrooms.  This year we are utilizing curriculum entitled Prepare Him Room, written by Marty Machowski.  The (very brief!) overview of the lessons for our Toddlers, Preschoolers, and Elementary Students is:

12.2 | Gabriel Visits Mary

12.9 | God Speaks to Joseph in a Dream

12.16 | The Angels Visit the Shepherds

12.23 | Three Wise Men and a Star

As wonderful as the curriculum is, I'm even more excited to share with you the accompanying resources!  Marty Machowski has also written a Family Devotional, by the same name, that can be used alongside the church curriculum or as a stand-alone family Advent study.  The family devotional examines God's promises that said "The Messiah is coming!" and then examines how those prophecies were fulfilled.  Music, art, and some simple family activities are woven into each of the readings.

Sovereign Grace Music has also produced a Christmas Album that, when used with the study, complements the content and provides a means to engaging in worship as a family.  



Both are excellent, either alone or when used together.  A few copies of the Prepare Him Room Family Devotional are available at the Kid's Check-in Counter at Fellowship.