Seeking the Lord as a Family

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Seeking the Lord as a Family

During this past week on “Family Sunday” at Fellowship Denver Church, Hunter challenged us to seek God not just for His blessings, but for God Himself. What would it look like to seek God together as families?

Here are a few simple steps you might consider:


  1. SEEK the Lord for yourself.

Our kids have a way of falling in love with the same things we love, whether it is the Denver Broncos, hiking, or grandma’s famous chocolate chip cookies. Before we attempt to lead our children in seeking God, we might do well to pause and first ask, “Am I seeking God?”

If God feels distant and you're struggling to seek him, a book like Tim Keller’s The Prodigal God (featured oh-so-conveniently on the FDC Kids’ resource shelf!) might reawaken your heart to the marvelous goodness of the gospel and inspire you to seek God anew.


  1. PRAY for your family’s spiritual life.

One of my favorite prayers for my daughter is that she would “taste and see that God is good” (Psalm 34:8). 

Of course I want her to understand and live by the teaching of God’s Word, but obedience completely devoid of joy quickly becomes little more than religious drudgery.


  1. Be AWARE of opportunities to communicate God’s goodness.

How do we teach a toddler that chocolate-chip cookies are delicious or an eight-year-old that hiking is a blast? Most likely, we don’t set up a ten-point Power point presentation and sit the kiddo down for a lecture. No, we show our kids by baking together or taking a trip to the mountains.

In the same way, let’s consider ways we can show our kids God’s goodness and what it looks like to pursue Him.  I love how the picture book The Friend Who Forgives does this by showing how the disciple Peter denied Jesus, yet Jesus still wholeheartedly forgave Him.

Similarly, I love reading one Psalm in the morning with my daughter while she eats breakfast. David is so honest about the struggles of his heart and yet so wholeheartedly seeks the Lord. Reading the Psalms together (esp. Psalms 1-31 on the corresponding day of the month) challenges and encourages us both.

May you and your families be blessed as you seek the Lord together in a fresh way this month!

- Courtney