Selecting a Child's Bible

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If you've ever looked for a Bible for a child you, like me, may have been overwhelmed by the many options available.  God's revelation of himself through his Word and our ability to talk to him in prayer are gifts to us from our Father who desires to have a relationship with his children. 

Developing patterns early in life of relating to God through Scripture reading and prayer will serve our little ones well as they grow into adulthood.  So what translation or version of the Bible will encourage children to understand that God is accessible to them?  One of my recommendations for elementary-aged students is the NIV Adventure Bible.  It combines the full Biblical text in the NIV translation along with useful facts about each book of the Bible, colorful illustrations, cultural insights, maps, and more useful tools.  

The following guide created by Lifeway provides some helpful guidelines if you're searching for a Bible for your child or student:

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- Autumn