Fellowship Denver Kids Spring Quarter Overview

Kid's Camp 2015_13

"Mom, you know what's really cool about our lessons at church right now?" asked Axel, seemingly out of nowhere, as I was preparing dinner a few weeks ago.  "What, buddy? What's really cool about your lessons right now?" I responded.  He went on, "Our lessons are called 'Explore the Bible.' In three years, when we're doing with 'Explore the Bible,' we'll have read the whole Bible. Isn't that cool?"

I smiled.  These moments remind me of the importance of helping our children understand church not as an event we attend but as a family we're a part of.  You see, I hadn't ever talked to my children about the "big picture" associated with what they're learning in class right now.  Do you know who had explained it to them?  Their teachers.  Their teachers take time each week to get to know them.  To sing "Happy Birthday." To answer questions.  To pray with them.  If you are a parent, our Fellowship Denver Kids teachers support you in your biblical call to sacrificially love and teach your children.  They embrace that, as "aunts and uncles" or "brothers and sisters" in the faith they, too, have a role to play in your child's life. 

Continue the conversations that begin at church at home!  The focus of our Spring Quarter is the earthly ministry of Jesus and the way God sovereignly works in our lives to draw us to himself. 

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~ Autumn