Tips for Worshiping (with K-I-D-S) at Home

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Set yourself up for success by holding realistic expectations and by preparing for "church at home" ahead of time. Are your kids going to interrupt you as you engage in the livestreamed church service on Sunday? Oh, for sure. Can your time together be meaningful, interruptions notwithstanding? Absolutely! 



ONE | Decide whether or not you'd like to set your students up with a separate screen and a set of headphones (or not) to watch the "Worship at Home" videos from our Fellowship Denver Kids teachers. How you choose to engage the lessons is up to you! Kids may watch simultaneously or at a different time altogether.
Heads up: If you set the students up to watch simultaneously, the lesson videos are shorter than the livestreamed sermon.
TWODecide on activities your students can engage in during the service. Grab some crayons or markers, a coloring book, some playdoh, or any quiet "busy" activity. If you'd like to utilize the activities that supplement this week's Fellowship Denver Kids lesson, you'll find them here.
THREEDetermine whether or not you'll take communion as a family. If you will participate in communion, ensure that you have bread or crackers to symbolize the body of Christ and juice or wine to symbolize the blood of Christ. Here are a couple of helpful guides for discussing communion with your children:


GET READY | Pull up the Fellowship Denver Church YouTube channel a few minutes before the livestream begins at 10:00 am. Lessons for Toddler, Preschool, and Elementary students will be available in the YouTube channel as well.
GET SET | Pray together! Pray for patience with each other, for the ability to listen to the Holy Spirit, for the internet streaming to hang in there (fo real), for productive spiritual conversations as a family, and for whatever else you'd like!
GO | Tune in! Sing along with the worship together when church begins. If you have decided to set your kids up on a different screen, have it ready to go and hit "play" after the Welcome and virtual kids dismissal.