Life Together

We are calling this series "Life Together" because Romans 12 is all about how the gospel of Jesus creates a new kind of community.

"Community" is not the sole possession of Christians. There are plenty of places to find community – neighborhoods, schools, Facebook groups, work teams, bars, restaurants, coffee shops (just to name a few). But there is an ethos, feel, and culture that should be unique to Christian churches because of “the mercies of God” (Romans 12:1). That’s what we’re going to learn to cultivate for the next 5 weeks as we study Romans 12. 

Over the course of this series we will be taking time to honor a few of our people each week who embody servant leadership and serve us in often unseen ways. In addition to this living-out of Romans 12:10 ("Outdo one another in showing honor"), there will also be opportunities to engage at a deeper level in two distinct, yet equally crucial ways:


Fellowship Groups

Fellowship Groups are medium-sized communities that meet weekly in homes throughout the city of Denver. They are the primary way our church cultivates meaningful community and one of the many ways we believe God transforms us as growing disciples. In addition to studying God's word, our groups engage relationally and socially with each other and the city. Nine brand new groups are launching this fall and many of the continuing groups are all also open to new participants.



We serve as a joyful response to the grace and mercy of God (Romans 12:1). This is one of the primary ways in which we connect with the people of our church, while also fostering a consistent and inviting Sunday morning experience. We aim to create space for anyone to serve, so please take time to look through the different opportunities below and consider how you could join us in taking this step.