Every Sunday we gather to worship, pray, read, and learn from God’s word as a church. This page exists as a resource to our church and friends abroad who want to follow along and hear what God is teaching us as followers of Jesus.


Our worship ministry is lead by 4 bands that write, record, and lead original worship music for the church. On the Music page you can read more about this ministry and why we sing as a church.

Video Storytelling

Our hope is to share the work of God in our midst through video storytelling. God is at work in so many different ways here at FDC, and we don't want those stories to get lost in the shuffle. This page exists to share the work God is doing, and to celebrate the Gospel at work in our city.


As a church our hope is to fill Denver with disciples of Jesus. It’s with this idea in mind that we want to celebrate the work that God is doing in all areas of the church. Our hope is to capture and share these moments with our church as a way of remembering the saving power of the Gospel and celebrate God’s love and grace for us.