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Student Question: Why did God Create Different Kinds of People?

Student question: Why did God make different kinds of people? (Race, size, color, etc.) Answer: There are two things to point out with regards to this question. First, while there is obvious diversity among the human race, there is incredible unity as well. Humans share 99.9% of our DNA, which means we are all closely related and more alike than different. This is go...

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Student Question: Why does God let bad things happen?

Here's the full question one of our students asked: If God promises to care for us and answer our prayers, why does he let bad things happen even when I ask them not to? Answer: First off, we must look at the basis of the question and ask; does God in fact promise to care for us and answer our prayers? The answer is yes...sort of. Matthew 7:7-11 shares some insight int...

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Student Question: What About Other Religions?

Question: what does God say about other religions? This is a guest post answered by one of our student leaders, Amanda. Answer: So what's the difference between Christianity and other religions? In short, GRACE. One of the sweetest things about Christianity is that God came down to man instead of man reaching up to God. No other religion is like that. We don't have ...

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Student Question: What about the Dinosaurs?

Question: How could dinosaurs live on the earth if God made humans in the beginning? Answer: Nobody can know with 100% certainty exactly how the earth was created because nobody was there. There is no hard proof, so nobody can tell us to believe or disbelieve one thing or another based on fact. All we can do is look at the evidence and the best possible solutions and fi...

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Student Question: Why am I Afraid to Share Jesus?

Here's the full question: Why is it natural to be afraid to share Jesus? ANSWER: First, this is not just a middle school problem. Parents, adult leaders, pastors and even I experience fear when it comes to sharing Jesus. The short answer to the question is because we are afraid to lose friends. In middle school, friends are like currency and losing one is like losing a pe...

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