Job 2:10

Shall we receive good from God, and shall we not receive evil? 



Job is a complicated book that raises tons of questions. Sometimes I understand it as well as I undertood Shakespeare in high school (which is to say, not well). Job has recently lost everything in his life. His servants, land, money, children, health, EVERYTHING. And yet, he maintains his integrity. He praises God even though it would seem like he has lost any and all reasons for worship. Job is far from okay, but he does provide some insight into the way of following God. 



So many people are happy to receive from God all sorts of blessing and goodness. But, as Job points out, doesn't that in turn mean they ought to receive suffering as well? One who claims God is good during a time of blessing makes a statement about who God is all the time. He cannot just be good in blessing and bad in suffering. That would make God change based on human circumstances and experiences. If God is good at one time, he is always good. This is what Job is trying to explain to his wife, and probably himself, too. 



Job provides a few clues to how the world operates. It's intricately tied to God, but we ought not to judge God by what we see or experience in the world. We must hold on to what we know to be true about God. He is good, he is just, he is wise. In this we can maintain integrity through difficulty and make sense of our faith during suffering. 



God, may I be rooted in your truth, beauty, justice, and wisdom. Remind me daily of your infinite goodness. Do not let this heart be torn or moved by my cirumstances no matter how good or difficult. Help me to bless you at all times.