Fellowship Denver participates in two national church networks. Though neither of these networks is a formal denomination, they both provide coaching, accountability, resources, and camaraderie for our leaders:

Acts 29 Network

Acts 29 is an association of churches with a common mission to plant other churches. They assess potential lead planters and connect them with other pastors for coaching, mentoring, training, and resourcing. They also provide a learning network for member churches. The network was started in 2000 and has grown to include 300+ churches all over the country, encompassing most major urban centers. For a complete list of A29 churches, visit their website

Fellowship Associates

Fellowship Associates was founded by Fellowship Bible Church of Little Rock as a community of like-minded churches. The network facilitates idea sharing, coaching, and accountability among its pastors. Many of the churches, including Fellowship Denver, were planted through FA’s Church Planting Residency Program. The network includes churches in other major cities such as: Portland, Los Angeles, Boston, Philadelphia, Raleigh-Durham, Charlotte, Louisville, Memphis, Nashville, and Austin. For more info about FA, visit their website