Women of Fellowship

On Thursday evening, April 11, we will be hosting Women of Fellowship. This special time is set aside to allow women in our church and community to be shaped by God’s word and connect with one another through hearing each other’s stories. We encourage all ladies from Fellowship to come, invite their friends, and experience unity and encouragement in Christ!

Celebrating Our Callings: Exploring Women's Work

Whether to lean in or opt out, go to work or work from home, win the bread or care for the kids—or even to have kids or not—women face unique choices when it comes to living out of a sense of calling in their work. What does Scripture say to women about work, and how have women throughout history responded to God's call? How can women embrace their callings at any age or life circumstance?

Come hear from Joanna Meyer from the Denver Institute for Faith & Work and a panel of Fellowship Denver women. We'll learn how to steward the resources and spaces God has given us, as we work together for the sake of His kingdom.

Snacks & drinks at 6:30; the program begins at 7 pm. For questions or to request childcare, contact Kimiko Egy.

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Questions? Email women@fellowshipdenver.org.