Worship & Arts

At Fellowship Denver we believe God to be the creator and redeemer of all things. He is the first artist, and the first to declare anything good. We see this pattern of creation and redemption magnified most fully in the life, death, and resurrection of Jesus Christ. Through which, by faith, we were recreated and redeemed to God. We also believe that we were made in God’s image to be creators, and it is because of this belief that we see God’s glory to be art’s highest goal. As Christians we want to be the first to celebrate creative works of beauty and excellence whether they are for the individual, church, or the city in which we live.


Every week when we gather on Sunday mornings we sing songs of worship as a church. We understand singing as a gift that God has given us as a way of expressing our deepest and purest affections for God Himself.

Video Storytelling 

Our hope is to share the work of God in our midst through video storytelling. God is at work in so many different ways here at FDC, and we don't want those stories to get lost in the shuffle. This ministry exists to share the work God is doing, and to celebrate the Gospel at work in our city. Watch here


As a church our hope is to fill Denver with disciples of Jesus. It’s with this idea in mind that we want to celebrate the work that God is doing in all areas of the church. Our hope is to capture and share these moments with our church as a way of remembering the saving power of the Gospel and celebrate God’s love and grace for us. All photos can be seen over at the church's facebook page.


From time to time, we commission artists at FDC to create works that accompany the current sermon series. These creative works can be seen on display in the auditorium during the sermon series, online, and on our church-wide communication bulletin (The Weekly).