First to the Lord

First to the Lord is a two-year season of asking God to do a work of generosity IN and THROUGH us.


june 2020 Update


March 2020 Update





In 2020 and 2021, every gift to Fellowship Denver is counted as part of our First to the Lord journey. 


Our PRIMARY GOAL is that everyone who calls Fellowship Denver home will take a personal “first to the Lord” discipleship journey as it relates to generosity. 

This will fuel the work of God IN us.

Our SECONDARY GOAL is to see $7 million released over the next 2 years for gospel movement in Denver and beyond.

This will fuel the work of God THROUGH us.     


First to the Lord giving includes: 

1 – Keep making disciples [$3.4m]

This sustains all of our current ministries at their current levels, which we presently call the “general fund.”

2 – Expand our equipping capacity [$1.6m]

This will help us “equip the saints for the work of ministry” (Eph. 4) by adding key pastoral and support staff, thus releasing more ministry.  It also allows for expanded physical space to host our growing student and children ministries.

 3 – Become a multi-congregational church [$1m]

This will allow us to become a multi-congregational church and build a model for multiplication.  We’ll start by planting a second congregation in the North Metro area.  $1m covers the startup phase and first 2 years of operations.

4 – Grow our sending capacity [$500k]

This will be used to mobilize Fellowship Denver members into global missions and to strengthen our church planting partnerships in the U.S. and abroad.

5 – Grow our serving capacity [$500k]

This will be used to create meaningful service to our neighbors suffering from spiritual, physical, social and material poverty and to strengthen our Serve Denver partnerships. 




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