Want to get practical ministry experience in a healthy, growing church? Fellowship Denver's internship program is a year-long paid position that will help you grow, learn, serve, and lead in a local church.

As an intern, you'll participate in meetings and work alongside our dedicated (and fun!) staff team, receive mentoring from a ministry supervisor, join a graduate-level academic course, and gain an inside perspective on vocational ministry.

Interns will serve in one of the following ministry areas: Care and Counsel, Children and Family Ministries, Church Planting, Community and Mission, Operations and Church Administration, Production, Student Ministries, or Worship and Arts. For full role descriptions click here

This internship gave me a church to call home. It challenged me to step out of my comfort zone but also was a time I felt deeply supported and encouraged in my personal walk with Jesus. - Clare, Student Ministry Intern

Being an FDC intern has been an amazing and formative experience, learning under gifted and godly leaders! It's also helped show me the practical day to day of Christian ministry and has provided a complimentary arena of thought and practical application. - Will, Mission and Discipleship Intern

Interning at Fellowship Denver helped me understand church ministry in a brand new way. I was so encouraged by the way the staff loved me, their community, and Jesus. - Angi, Kids and Family Intern

Leadership in a vocational ministry context often takes the form of faithfulness and hard work in behind-the-scenes organization, responsibilities, and conversations as much as or more than in visible up-front ways. Interns are expected to be leaders in both the sustaining work of the local church and, as opportunities arise, in teaching or in leading a group, class, or ministry initiative.
All Fellowship Denver Interns are enrolled in a graduate-level academic course called "Ministry Foundations." The course runs the length of the academic year and is a core part of the internship experience. Ministry Foundations is for individuals who have a personal relationship with God, a love for local church ministry, and a desire to gain practical ministry experience. Course content, reading, and assignments sit in the intersection between doctrinal belief and ministerial practice. This course is designed to train and equip individuals who are pursuing local church ministry by development of robust orthopraxy, thereby multiplying kingdom impact.
Interns are expected to be active participants in the life of the church and to embody servant leadership. As an integral part of our church family, interns will be given a variety of opportunities to serve in recurring roles, to respond to needs that arise within the church, and to serve our surrounding community.

Ministry foundations

Ministry Foundations, a graduate level course that runs the length of the academic year, is open to enrollment outside of the internship. This class is ideally suited to individuals in or pursuing vocational ministerial work within the local church or in other para-church ministry contexts. To apply for enrollment in Ministry Foundations without an internship, please fill out the form below. To view the course syllabus and schedule, click on the link below.