What is DNA Group?

DNA Groups are for anyone who is new-ish to Fellowship Denver and wants to explore questions like: Why do we talk about "the gospel" so much? And what is the gospel exactly? Why do we study the Bible and how can we trust it? How does Fellowship Denver "do church"? DNA groups meet for 6 weeks at a time.

What do you talk about?

DNA is the hereditary material of every living organism, the stuff that makes a person unique. Every cell in your body has the same DNA, and it stays the same throughout your life, even as your cells regenerate and reproduce.
In the same way, DNA Group is an introduction to the “core stuff” - habits, beliefs, passions - that shape Fellowship Denver. We deal with questions like:
  • Why do we talk about “the gospel” so much? What does it mean? How is the gospel not just the starting point for Christian faith but the DNA that’s in everything?
  • What is the difference between original-Jesus Christianity and cultural Christianity?
  • Where did the Bible come from? How do you understand it and make sense of all its complexity? What do we mean when we say it’s “God’s word?” Why do we need the Bible to follow Jesus? Is the Old Testament God different than the New Testament God?
  • What is a church and why is it also called “the body of Christ?” Did Jesus even intend for there to be churches? How do we “do church” in a way that’s true to Jesus’ vision and not just institutional religion?
  • Why was the early Jesus movement so vibrant? Why did it multiply so quickly and spread so far? What can we learn from that early movement to help us LOVE people and LOVE following Jesus today?

How do I join one?

We have DNA Groups at both congregations that happen about every two months. Find out when the next one is by visiting our Calendar page HERE.